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Alongside our pet ID tags we're proud to stock an exciting range of luxury pet accessories for both dogs and cats. We offer nylon collars and leads, waterproof dog collars and dog bowls. Nothing beats our fantastic tough and interactive dog toys need to keep even the strongest chewers busy!

As pet owners, we understand how important it is to find quality petwear for your little pet, which is why our fashion-led items are crafted from only the best materials, and are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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Be sure to use our pet sizing chart for each item that you order. Each designer uses a slightly different sizing scale. You know, just like humans sizes vary. So do pet's. Some dog clothes are designed strictly for the small breeds so their X-Large will not even come close to fitting your puppy. There are designers of dog clothes though who design for all breeds, big and small.

Dogs get ill, just the same as humans, and one of the most common illnesses in dogs is going blind through cataracts. As with humans, there are companies that specialise in treating cataracts in dogs using specialist eye drops so that your dog can have their quality of life restored, and you can get more years of faithful companionship and happy times out of your pet  

Does your dog eat too fast? Due to this you may find that they're at a much higher risk of indigestion, vomitting and in more serious cases, the life threatening condition, bloat.

Tested and recommended by vets, slower eating can massively reduce the risk of indigestion and bloat and allow your dog to retain all the valuable nutrients from their diet.

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